Friday, April 22, 2011

Let the Fraggles play...

Man, my head might be trying to kill me, but it sure has been a fun couple of weeks with Julie. y'know, when she's not high on slurpees. wait. that's real fun too. it just involves more helping her ride her bike until she gets real cranky then taking her for naps. She's the head of activities and crafts with our ragtag team of anarcho scouts. Twist tie sculptures, wildflower seed bombings, lots of drawing and painting and art placement on the walls of the apartment that i'm not so sure i'm going to get the full damage deposit back from anymore...  dominoes skyscrapers (and she even sat still long enough to play almost a full game of dominoes with my bro the other night!) cape-making and walks and building nests to be birds in on the sides of every street in our neighborhood, and bike riding (i'm sure glad i found her helmet, she's a terror on the pedal-less bike we got from a pal, although she refuses to go near it unless i'm holding it, which feels even more dangerous to me sometimes as she tends to have better balance than me.) it's been fun. and i've even gotten some CLEANING ALL THE THINGS done while she takes her two-hour long splashy-bath every two days or so.

Did i mention that ALL of these activities involves a magic wand? Did I mention that EVERYTHING she does involves a magic wand? I suppose sometimes she uses it for sword fighting, but it's still called a magic wand.

Anyway, I'm really stoked for her to be three. Kids are real interesting and real funny. And all the good people are stoked on hanging out avec toddler. And i  REALLY like that she can tell me what she wants for her birthday now and i don't have to guess and make her things that i think are sweet but she's seriously non-plussed by. I'm a bit horrified of the amount of pink and purple i'm being swallowed by, between the neon pink and blue/purple striped legwarmers i'm knitting and the quilt i'm patching onto ("I want a PURPLE blanket with Princesses and Mermaids on it!") I figured i'd so with a stencil of Princess Peach that i made a mermaid tail for the bottom of, make a bunch of purple patches of it, then sew 'em all onto a purple and pink reversible quilt, as my skills are defintely not anywhere near any sort of ability to make a quilt myself.) toss in some headbands and hairclips and a slingshot and I hope that the baby daddy doesn't groan TOO much when she opens them. If he doesn't groan a little over the manic craft explosion we'll probably all be a bit confused though.

Things are good, as usual, with the baby daddy/Co-parent. we don't agree on much (don't really feel the need to though, which makes things simple for everyone) and have forgotten a lot of the small things about each other that drove us nuts, which is really nice. We don't understand each other at all, but I think we've really managed to figure out how to let all the things that don't matter wash out of view and just focus on loving Julie ALL THE TIME and letting that stand as enough for each other to respect the decisions that we make in our time with her. I'm down.

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